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2 Best Prayer Themed Gifts for Your Muslim Brother


Today we are living in an era full of amazements which has a diverse effect on our lifestyle. There is a list of things that we can often access and use to make our time pleasing and grateful. But as the world is moving towards the mode of advancements, the life of the people is getting more scattered. Many of us have often come up with various ideas which can reduce these long distances and make the people closer to one another. From a list of various ideas, the best one among all of them is the concept of Gift Islamic.

Absence of Your Presence

Such Islamic Muslim gifts are a great source to prevent and overcome these long distances. As all of us know gifts are exchanged just to remember the presence or for any act of remembrance. So in this case when you offer a gift to someone it reflects your personality on him. To offer Islamic gifts for Muslims that could help him in performing his daily tasks is the best thing as it helps him to remember you whenever he uses them in his daily life.

Collection of Islamic Muslim Gifts

We have a list of variety and a collection of the best Islamic gifts for Muslims that you can offer to anyone. The latest variety and types of Islamic Muslim gifts at gift Islamic can be ordered online for your loved ones. Some of the types of Islamic gifts that have a vast impact on your personality on others are listed below:

  1. Compass
  2. Azan Alarm clock

These are some of the main types with the wide range of other varieties in gifts available at Gift Islamic online store. Detailed information about all these items is listed below.


Compass is defined as a tool that is used for the purpose of navigation. It shows the direction relative to your need. It shows the direction according to the geographical points of the land. The interface of the compass consists of a small dial in the crystal cover where the pointer of the compass points out the direction. Compass of various types is used with having North, East, West, and South on it. Along with these points, there is also a dark night mode so that you can look for the exact direction at night without any interruption. The dial of the compass moves in the clockwise direction. The compass was invented by the people of China then later on it become the necessity of every traveller in the world, which was first practised in Western Europe. After that, the use of the compass in the Islamic world occurred around 1190.

Qibla Direction Compass

It is famously known as the Qibla direction compass used by Muslims most often when they needed to have it at any time while travelling long distances. As the road parameters are rotated across the way so most often it usually becomes difficult for Muslims to offer Namaz while travelling. But this problem and issue of Muslims got resolved with the help of the Qibla compass. Now wherever you are or travelling anywhere you just need to check the Qibla direction compass and offer the Namaz in the right Qibla direction.

Easy to Use

It is quite easy for people of every age to understand the mechanism and how to use the Qibla finder compass. As such Qibla finder compass is used to point the direction of Qibla, so whenever you take it out in your bag or pocket you will find the arrow pointing towards the Qibla direction. So that you can easily offer Namaz without any hesitation.

Azan Alarm Clock Best Muslim Gifts

Azan alarm clock is the necessity of every Muslim house. It is a form of a digital clock that helps people to give them the reminder for the actual cause of the life that is to offer prayer five times a day. Along with this feature of alarm, the other main thing that can be set as a reminder is to recite Quran Majeed. You can also set this digital clock as per your need and desire. These Azan alarm clocks can be the best gifts for Muslims. You can set the reminder and the alarm in which offering Namaz, recitation of Quran Majeed, Zikar, and any other things can be adjusted on daily basis. These clocks are available in varied sizes:

  1. Pocket alarm clock
  2. Large Digital clock

Pocket Alarm Clock

We are quite familiar with the design and the interface of the pocket alarm clock, which is very easy to carry and performs the same functions as the large ones do. It is quite similar to several of the other mobile applications present on our mobile phones. But the significance of the pocket alarm clock for Salah has a separate value as it informs us about the timings of Salah. Salah is an Islamic duty that is obligatory on every Muslim. You can also keep it in your pocket on the go. It also comes in a variation similar to a small digital clock.

Large Digital Clock

The large digital table clock these days has a significant beauty as it can be placed on your bedside table. It has digital numeric values moving with seconds. As it is big in size in one large table clock, we can have a look at the timings of all five prayers as well as the timings of the Jummah prayer. These timings can be adjusted according to the prayer timings of a nearby mosque so that you can offer prayers on time without any interruption. It also has some other feature in which the Islamic date calendar is also highlighted in front. This digital clock is an excellent Islamic gifts for Muslims. because you can see the timing of all prayer.

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