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Creative Ideas of Eid Gift for your Loved Ones

Eid Mubarak Gifts for your Loved Ones

When it comes to Eid’s celebration, what ideas do you think in your mind? The best idea that fits us the most, is offering Eid Mubarak gifts to our loved ones. To offer a gift to your loved ones or Muslim fellows on Eid is the best choice that can make them happy. It is an act of showing your loving gesture for your Muslim fellows that you can express through a presentation of Eid gift. This act of presenting gifts in your circle shows that you care about others at the time of happiness, which creates a satisfying attitude towards others.

Exchanging Eid Mubarak gifts with your loved ones on the festive occasion of Eid has a unique sensation. That’s why everyone shares their feelings about various things like greeting cards or any gift.

Gift Similar to Personality

It is very important to offer a gift similar that suits your personality. It is because it might be possible that the gift that you are planning to offer him may not be liked by him. As there is a chance that the one may already have the similar thing before also. So, it is very important to identify, that what should be the choice of Eid gift for her or him. So in this case it is better to have interaction with your fellows and realize that what will be the best fit for them as per their choice, which in a real sense shows your emotions.

The Tradition of Offering a Gift

It is one of the oldest traditions for offering Eid gifts in your community or to your Muslim fellows. The importance of presenting a gift to your Muslim fellows can be evaluated by

It is narrated by Jabir (RA) that the Prophet (SAW) said;

“If a present is made to anyone, and he has something to give in return, he should offer it, and if he has nothing to give (in return), he should praise him (by way of gratitude), and say a good word on his behalf. Whoever did it, fulfilled the claim of gratitude, and whoever did not, and concealed a favour (done to him), was guilty of ingratitude, and whoever flaunts a virtue that has not been granted to him is like a man who wears a double cloak of deception.”  (Tirmidhi) (Abu Dawud)

Gift Islamic

There is a wide range of Eid Mubarak gifts at our e-commerce store, from where you can order any product with the comfort of your home at gift Islamic We have a wide range of gifts that has a spiritual connection with our soul. Our online store has the quality of range in prayer mats, tasbeeh, prayer beads, and many more.

Islamic Prayer Mat

Prayer Mat is the best choice as an Eid gift for everyone either adults, youngsters, or kids. Gift Islamic have special designs of prayer mats for adults and youngsters. Especially, for kids, we have unique attractive designs of prayer mats. Prayer mats for kids contain a special combination of colors with some attractive looks. Such attractive designs make the kid aware of all the values that make them more educated and let them have an interest on their own when they have their own special prayer mat. All the prayer mats either designed for kids, youngsters or adults are of the finest quality. Prayer mats and various other products can be ordered online at gift islamic are of standard size and proper dimensions. Prayer mats with the best quality polyester material make you more satisfied and provide you comfort. Every thick plush velvet praying mat is easy to wash and portable. So, a designed prayer mat for kids or adults can be the best gift. As gifts are very important for kids, which can be seen through the curiosity and their happiness when you offer them an Eid gift. We have often seen that kids get connected to their gifts for a long time and try to have use of their gifts in their daily life. So this will help, for kids will to start its use of praying mat in their daily life and will practice in the same manner as their parents will instruct them.

Prayer Tasbeeh

Tasbeeh is one of the best traditional Eid gifts for people of every age group. There is a huge importance of tasbeeh in our daily life. As prayer tasbeeh keeps you connected with the blessings of Almighty Allah and keeps you focused. Especially in the month of Ramadan Kareem, where the ultimate goal of every Muslim is to establish a deep spiritual connection with Almighty Allah. In this way, tasbeeh that is also known as prayer beads act as a major component of our daily life.

Beautiful designs of tasbeeh at gift Islamic are made up of marble or special stone. Also, we have a variety of prayer tasbeeh designs that act as the best option for Eid gifts in the UK, which has transparent beads. We have beautifully designed prayer beads that have a combination of colored and transparent prayer beads. Which has a very beautiful round design of rosary that is attached to it that is stated as an important element in the beauty of prayer tasbeeh.

Islamic Frames as Eid Mubarak Gifts

Islamic frames are among one of the best choices as a gift to offer your Muslim brother. In Islamic frames, Arabic calligraphy is the most lovable choice of everyone. Islamic calligraphy is the beautiful design of writing the Arabic language with a creative look. Arabic calligraphy has a strong tie with Quran that is also an important reason to state this as Arabic calligraphy. Islamic frames with Arabic calligraphy are of various sizes and dimensions, it all depends on the choice of our fellows that which design with which size is their choice. Yet, the size of Islamic frames with Arabic calligraphy is the choice of our fellows. As some people like to fit Islamic frames with the beautiful art of Arabic calligraphy on the full wall or some of the others like to have them on some size of the wall. Where ever it gets fit in, but the display of this beautiful Arabic calligraphy creates a satisfying gesture on everyone. To present the Islamic frames with Arabic calligraphy acts as traditional Eid gifts for expressing their kind gesture for all their fellows in a circle.


When you often offer Eid gifts for parents or for your mates it has a special feeling and emotions attached to it. As they are often gifted with special devotion so that we can rejoice with our fellows and strengthen our relationship. There is no doubt that Eid is a special event every year that rejoices the feelings of every Muslim and lets them celebrate the hour of happiness.

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