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Deeds to Perform In the Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem

Deeds to Perform In the Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem

Every year Muslims across the globe fast in the holy month of Ramadan Kareem. Every day Muslims start to fast with the sunrise and then break their fast at sunset. The holy month of Ramadan Kareem is the month of divine blessings from Allah Almighty. It is the priority of every Muslim to fast properly across the holy month of Ramadan Kareem. So, that he can become closer to Almighty Allah. Everyone wants to live his life with pleasure and peace, so for that, it is only possible with the divine blessings of Allah Almighty. Moment of peace and harmony leads to the way of being satisfied, this satisfaction leads to the best moments to celebrate in life.

Internal Peace

In times of hardship, the only source of having internal peace is the blessing of Almighty Allah. Every Muslim believes in the oneness of Allah and has a strong faith in the absolute power of Allah. There is no doubt, that every Muslim performs all the good deeds and be an honest person so that he can be in the protection of Allah. To obtain the blessings of Allah, every Muslim has to go through hardship just to make him successful and closer to Allah. Such beautiful moments of happiness lead to success in this world and hereafter. It is the responsibility of every Muslim brother to lead others and correct the ones who are on the wrong path. Therefore, for all of us, the Holy Month of Ramadan is the best time to be closer to Allah and let others also get closer to the blessings of Allah. This must be the first priority to educate ourselves and our other Muslim brothers and sisters. To educate the other Muslims and being closer to Almighty Allah we must perform good deeds. Some of the good deeds are listed below that we can practice and let our other Muslim brothers and sisters also practice in the blessed month of Ramadan Kareem so that they can also lead towards the way of success.

Visiting the Mosque During Ramadan Kareem

For every Muslim, there is the special importance of Mosque. This is a huge fact that every place has its importance, but the importance of Mosque in the heart of every Muslim holds a special priority. In the holy month of Ramadan and across the year, we must have a stronger connection with the Mosque. It must be our first priority to recite Ramadan dua in the pleasing environment of the Mosque. We must try to create this habit of offering prayers five times a day on a daily basis. In this Holy month of Ramadan Kareem, when we reform ourselves, we must also try to reform the character of others. This is the best deed, which could be in the best Ramadan gifts that you can offer to your Muslim friend. While educating our fellows, the priority must be our family members to whom we educate this good deed.

Sharing Iftar 

To share your meals with others is the best deed that you can practice throughout the year. You can share several of the good deeds, from which to have Iftar with any of your Muslim friends has huge importance. In the Holy month of Ramadan Kareem, we must practice the good deed of sharing an Iftar meal with our fellows. The huge importance and reward from Almighty Allah for sharing a meal of Iftar with people around you can be evaluated by this hadith;

The Prophet (saw) said,

‘Whoever feeds a person breaking his fast will earn the same reward as him, without anything being lessened from the reward of the fasting person’. (Tirmidhi)

Sharing Utilities

Many of our Muslim fellows, in a huge number, wish to share this good habit of sharing some necessities of life. Every good deed has a huge reward, but to share the basic necessities of a less privileged family is ranked as the best deed. This expresses your gesture of being kind to the people around you. This shows that you care about the people in your circle, this has a significant reward for every of our Muslim fellow. Practicing this good habit of being kind with others increases your respect and tends to motivate others also to practice the same good deed. The importance of sharing this good deed with your Muslim fellow can be evaluated by the following hadith;

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said,

‘(O people!) Save yourselves from the (Hell) Fire even if it is with half a date (given in charity), and if you cannot find that, then (save yourselves by saying) a good word’. [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

Importance of Having a Zikar

Zikar is the most important thing that keeps your soul solely connected with the blessings of Almighty Allah. Zikar makes your connection strengthen with Almighty Allah. In the holy month of Ramadan Kareem, every good deed is rewarded seventy times more, that is why Muslims across the globe wishes and intend to have zikar on the go every time. As mentioned in Quran;

“O you who believe! Remember Allah with much remembrance”
(Quran 33:41).

Importance of Prayer Beads for Performing Zikar

Various things can be used for performing zikar. Mostly the people often perform zikar on their fingertips, which is the best-rewarded option and most likely by Almighty Allah. Many like to have zikar on Muslim prayer bead, also this is as per the choice of everyone. Many of the beautiful prayer beads in very elegant designs are available at Gift Islamic online store. The variety of beautiful prayer beads with quality material can be browsed and ordered through Gift Islamic Online Store.

Ramadan Kareem Gifts

Many Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan express love and gratitude with other Muslim fellows by sharing Islamic gifts. These gifts can be used by a common man in their daily life and it has a huge impact on their personality. Many sorts of Ramadan gifts are available at Gift Islamic Online Store that can be ordered hassle-free without compromising the quality.

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