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How To Encourage Your Children For Prayers?

How To Encourage Your Children For Prayers?

At the age of ten, the child should be repeatedly drawn to prayers and should be beaten only after ten years for being lazy in prayers. If the goal is to train the child properly, then the parents should become a role model for the child.

At this stage (after the age of ten) it becomes mandatory for parents and anyone who wants to train their children to teach the child the rules of Witar, Sunan, and Jamaat. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) had taught Hazrat Anas bin Malik to perform Istikharah prayers at an early age. Similarly, it is necessary to arrange Fajar and Isha prayers at this stage. Also keep in mind that in all situations your children should be accustomed to perform their prayers, not just in exams and difficult times.

Ways to Encourage Your Children for Prayers:

It is important for both mother and father to keep their child’s senses of prayer awake. Here are some ways you can encourage them to say prayers;

When your child asks you for permission to sleep before Isha, you should kindly say that there is a little time left for Isha prayers, let us pray together, and then you will fall asleep.

When your child asks you to go to a party or to meet relatives and the time for Maghrib prayer is near, then you should say, “We will offer Maghrib prayers first, then we will go out.”

In order to awaken their sense of prayer, it is necessary for them to hear the recitation of prayers from you again and again. For example, you may say that we will meet someone in the Asar prayer, or that you will meet your friend after the Maghrib prayer.

Giving your child Islamic gifts such as a prayer mats for kids, tasbeeh, Quran, etc. will also increase his religious inclination.

Islam encourages exercise and sports that make the body strong. But in this regard, you should instruct your child not to engage in sports so much as to skip prayers, which is an important duty.

If he becomes ill after the age of ten, then encourage him to offer prayers as much as he can, until he finds out that there is no excuse for him to skip prayers, even if he is ill.

Whenever you go on a trip, be sure to tell your child about short prayers. Make him realize the divine blessing of prayer and that Islam is a religion full of mercy.

Religious duties

After teaching him/her about his religious duties, also gradually teach him about Nawafil.

Encourage your child to invite his friends for prayer. In the same way, he should be told that instead of making fun of his friends who are lazy in prayers, he should call them to prayers.

Women should try to sit with their husbands for a while every Friday to carry out Sunnah, such as reciting Surah Al-Kahf, Astaghfar and sending blessings on the Holy Prophet (Peas and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him). This will allow the children to grow up in a good environment and then he will definitely join you.

Just as we plan for the future of our children, we need to sit together and find out ways how you can encourage your children for Salah. Share your planning with your spouse so that our children may commit to prayer and other pillars of Islam and become a real charity for us.

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