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How to Increase Love between Husband and Wife

How to Increase Love between Husband and Wife

It is mentioned in the hadith that

when husband and wife hold each other’s hand with love, all their sins flow into their fingers. The Holy Prophet has declared the best men to be the best for their wives.

A person unknowingly forms relationships with many people in his life. Many people come and go in his life. A person forms a friendship with many people in his life but at some point, those people leave him with time.

Among those who come and go, the man also chooses a friend of his own who never leaves him throughout his life. One who lives with him by every moment of life and never leaves. One who provides comfort to each other after being tied in a beautiful bond like marriage. Rather, they establish the first relationship between two human beings, and by marriage, they obey the command of Allah Almighty.

This is the greatest gift from Allah Almighty to humans. It is a relationship in which Allah Almighty has bestowed goodness on those who have love, affection, and compassion for each other. But now it is sad to say that the devil is ruining this relationship. Satan does a lot of wrong things to humans, but he doesn’t feel happy. However, if the devil forms a fight between husband and wife, he feels very happy that day.

Because he knows that if they fight each other, there will be a fight between the two families, which will eventually result in the separation. And it is said that words like divorce are displeasing to Allah Almighty.

Probably very few people know about what is the virtue of the husband and wife relationship in Islam. Husbands and wives can make their home a paradise or a hell as well. People often say that a woman’s job is to do housework. But this is wrong. The life of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him is a perfect example. And it is a common tradition that the Holy Prophet peace and blessing of Allah be upon him used to help with household chores. But nowadays, it has become difficult for husband and wife to sit together. That is why there is no peace in many homes.

The most important thing between husband and wife is to take care of each other. If one of the two does not take care of the other, it will be the beginning of a rift in the relationship.

Trusting each other is the only guarantee of a strong relationship. But if trust begins to wane, then understand that the relationship is on the verge of breaking up. Silence is extremely harmful to the relationship, if you do not express your feelings, your spouse will not know your feelings and the relationship will unnecessarily get bad and will be in danger. If we understand that our spouse is a useless thing and we start ignoring it, then even then many abominations will arise.

Every human being makes mistakes, but it is a good thing to forgive them. In the case of husband and wife, they must take some special care rather than making fun of each other over any mistake. If you do, your relationship will soon begin to weaken. Because it is a human instinct that he does not like satire at all. Instead, give gifts to each other because giving gifts promotes mutual love and affection. And hadiths also emphasize on this. Give gifts to wife, it is better to give Islamic gifts. And for that Gift Islamic online store can be availed in this regard. You can buy the best Islamic gifts from the Gift Islamic Store.

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