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Importance of Offering a Gift to Your Muslim Friend

Importance of Offering a Gifts to Your Muslim Friend

Offering gifts to too many of your friends leads to ease of satisfaction and builds a stronger relationship. That results in a good means of communication between both the sender and the receiver. It is a beautiful act for which our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) has said to accept a gift with happiness.


In Al-Bukhari, it is narrated that Hazrat ‘Aa’ishah (R.A) said “The Messenger of Allah used to accept gifts and reward people for giving them.”

Explanation of Gifts for Muslim Friends

From this hadith, we come to know that what kind of special feelings every one of our Muslim brothers is attached to. Since as it is said that happily accept the gifts offered by your Muslim brothers, such words show us that what is the importance and custom of offering a gift that is awarded to everyone on offering a gift to anyone. So with the importance of this hadith, we must try to practice this medium to overcome the distances between all of our Muslim fellows. This could result in a brotherhood relationship across the globe. At the moment of acceptance, we also get one thing that the receiver must be thankful to him for his kind gesture. With a kind gesture and warm wishes as a blessing gesture for a gift awarded.

Means of Gifts-Giving

There is a huge variation in the kind gesture of the people while giving the gifts to their loved ones. Let us first clear those things from our minds. Various things can act as a moment of expression for a gift that can be given to any of our Muslim fellows. This strengthens the connection between both of the parties. Similarly, if unknown to the other one, this can create a new mean of friendship. The gift builds a stronger connection between both of them. While when we offer a gift to anyone, there can be many things like Prayer mats, prayer beads, and many others similar to this. There is no doubt that these Islamic gifts in the UK have a separate feeling of kind gesture and pure emotions of the sender. This creates a soft corner in the receiver’s heart.

Concept of Charity and Gift-Giving

The biggest flaw which we have to suffer these days is that we consider as the act of charity similar to the emotion of gifts. Before moving a bit further some things are required to be addressed in detail. The concept of charity is for the ones who are in need and can’t afford the basic necessities of life. Charity is for these types of people. The charity can be given to anyone if you think so that he is in need and your support can help him. Although the concept of gift is not for poor or rich, you are allowed to give gifts to any of your Muslim friends either rich or poor as it is a blessing of Almighty Allah. As the gift is given to make a good connection and strengthen your relationship. Therefore it does not have any restriction. The Islamic gifts in the UK to any of your Muslim friends can be anything like Islamic prayer mats, beads, and many other things similar to this. In many conditions, people don’t focus on the items. The only thing they observe is their kind gesture. So freely offer gifts to your fellows as it is very helpful and get special blessings of Almighty Allah.

Gift With a Memory to Your Muslim Friends

Now, this is one of the best means if you consider that if you offer anything that reflects a memory of your personality on him is the best thing. A huge list of items that can be ordered online at Gift Islamic Online Store has a huge impact on memory. Where the designs of a beautiful Islamic prayer mat are the best choice with the blend of light colors and beautiful patterns. The beautifully designed Islamic prayer mats made with the best-refined quality of polyester are lightweight. This makes them easy to use while you are traveling or you are out of town. Additionally, we have many other Islamic gifts from the UK available at our online store that you can order online from there.

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