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Importance of Ramadan Kareem and some Important Obligations

Importance of Ramadan Kareem and some Important Obligations

There is a very special reward assigned to every Muslim on various occasions. All of these occasions have a strong attachment to our feelings. It is very important for every Muslim to perform acts of kindness to have special blessings from Almighty Allah. Based on these events there is some special act of deeds that must be performed by every Muslim so that he can make his connection stronger with Almighty Allah. The holy month of Ramadan Kareem is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which is full of marvelous blessings from Almighty Allah.

In Ramadan Kareem, every Muslim allocates special time for the ibadat of Almighty Allah,

As it is narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (SAWW) said:

Every deed of the son of Adam will be multiplied for him, between ten and seven hundred times for each merit. Allah said: ‘Except for fasting, for it is for Me and I shall reward for it. Sunan Ibn Majah Hadith 3823

So, many of the believers wish to have a deep connection to Almighty Allah in the form of zikr. Along with zikr the most important obligation to perform for a Muslim is to fast regularly across the Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem.

Daily Routine

In today’s era of modern technology, we have gone in too much deep that we often don’t remember some of the very important obligations. Due to the excessive burden of daily routine, sometimes we also get diverted from the actual path that leads to success in this world and hereafter.

Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem

Holy Month of Ramadan Kareem is the best time to express your feelings for every of your Muslim fellow. Every Muslim applies his utmost efforts to be on the right path of success. So we welcome blessing days and nights of Ramadan Kareem with huge respect. All of us are in wait and prepare ourselves especially for this special month of Ramadan Kareem across the year so that they can change their actions and try their best to get closer to the blessings of Almighty Allah as much as possible.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said,

“Whoever spends the nights of Ramadan in prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward, he will be forgiven his previous sins.”

On behalf of verses of the Holy Quran and the saying of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), we can check that what the actual importance of Ramadan Kareem is. In Ramadan, every single is rewarded with countless blessings from Almighty Allah.

What is Laylat-Ul-Qadr

Laylat-Ul-Qadr is the night of blessings, which is in any of the last ten odd nights of Ramadan Kareem

Prophet’s wife `A’isha narrates,

When the last ten nights began Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) kept awake at night (for prayer and devotion), wakened his family, and prepared himself to observe salah (with more vigor).

We can perform various dua for Laylat-Ul-Qadr, there is the huge importance of reciting zikr of Almighty Allah in this time. We have to find the night of blessings Laylat-Ul-Qadr, as it is in any last ten odd nights of Ramadan Kareem. It is the night of forgiveness and due to its importance, it is known as “Laylat-Ul-Qadr”, which is stated that this night more significant than the thousands of Months. This night of blessings is also known as the Night of Decree.

The Qur’an’s 97th chapter is dedicated entirely to this night:

Indeed, We revealed [the Qur’an] during the Night of Decree. And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn. (97:1-5)

Holy Quran was also revealed on Laylat-Ul-Qadr. So, in this way, if we state and describe the importance of that what is Laylat-Ul-Qadr and what is the importance of offering dua for Laylat-Ul-Qadr. We can realize the importance of the prestigious night of Laylatul-Qadr in Ramadan Kareem by “ibadat offered during the night of Laylat-Ul-Qadr is better than thousands of months”.


There is a special reward by Almighty Allah for the one who offers i’tikaf in the last 10 rozas of Ramadan Kareem, also known as “Last Ashra of Ramadan Kareem”. Itikaf is performed in the Mosque of your area, which has huge importance. Muslims across the day and night in the last 10 rozas of Ramadan Kareem, spend while offering special prayers or having the zikr of Almighty Allah. Recitation of the Holy Quran during the Itikaf is one of the most important means of connection offered by everyone. As Itikaf is the purest form of ibadat in which a Muslim must have no interaction with any of the worldly things and actions during ibadat. One of the main aims of every Muslim in Itikaf is to find the blessing night of Laylat-Ul-Qadr, which is the ultimate goal of every Muslim who appears in Itikaf, in this way they benefit themselves and let their soul spiritually connected to Almighty Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said,

Search for Laylatul-Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten nights of Ramadan.


Zikr of Almighty Allah is the only path that can lead a Muslim towards the way of success and building a stronger connection to Almighty Allah. In the holy month of Ramadan Kareem 30 Rozas are divided into three parts, which makes three Ashra in the holy month of Ramadan Kareem. The first Ashra of Ramadan Kareem is known as “Days of Mercy”, the Second Ashra of Ramadan Kareem is known as “Days of forgiveness”, and the third Ashra of Ramadan Kareem known as “Days of seeking refuge”. For every Ashra of Ramadan Kareem, there is a special dua that can act as a Zikr of Almighty Allah.

The Dua for the first Ashra is, Translation:

“O! My Lord forgive and have Mercy and You are the Best of Merciful.”

The Dua for the second Ashra is, Translation:

“I ask forgiveness of my sins from Allah who is my Lord and I turn towards Him.

Dua for the third Ashra of Ramadan is, Translation:

“O, Allah! Save me from the Hell-Fire.”

Many of our Muslim fellows like to have zikr on prayer beads to recite dua for Laylat-Ul-Qadr and many of our Muslim fellows like to recite zikr on their fingertips. To have Zikr on your fingertips have a huge significance in front of Almighty Allah, Almighty Allah loves this practice of a believer of offering zikr on fingertip as it keeps the believer every time connected to the blessings of Almighty Allah. Every honest and good act of a deed done by a Muslim also makes him closer to Almighty Allah, which results in success in this world and hereafter.

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