Muslim Prayer Beads

Improve Your Personality and Islamic Identity With Gift Islamic Prayer Beads

Improve Your Personality and Islamic Identity With Gift Islamic Prayer Beads

Everything in the heavens and the earth acknowledges the greatness of Allah Almighty and acts according to His command. Allah has ordained laws for everything in the heavens and the earth according to his nature, except for man. They have not been given the freedom to do what is right and wrong. But Allah created man and gave him the freedom to do right and wrong according to his nature. Man has been given the Holy Quran to follow the laws of nature in which the signs of Allah are described in detail. Therefore, humans have to glorify both with names and with praise. A man should praise with the names of Allah Almighty and seek advice from it. Then he should adore with praise, that is, he should acknowledge the greatness of Allah Almighty and follow his command.

Allah says in the Quran:

“The seven heavens and the earth, and all that is between them, are working for Him, and there is nothing that does not praise him, but you don’t understand their praise. Indeed, He is forbearing and forgiving”.

Asma-ul-Husna is the attribute of Allah Almighty and every single attribute is described comprehensively in the Holy Quran.

“Remember that the Zikar of Allah gives comfort (peace, contentment) to the hearts”. Al-Raad: 28

Satan seeks to use all his powers to keep people away from the remembrance of Allah Almighty. When you can’t sleep at night, and you start remembering Allah Almighty, then surely Satan helps you to sleep, because he does not want this man to remember the Almighty.

There are many types and methods of zikar. Your Sufi or Murshid will tell you about which zikar or tasbih will help you and how many times you have to recite that tasbih in a day. Here Islamic prayer beads will help in the counting of zikar. Tasbih or prayer bead plays an important role in Muslim cultures.

The trend of regular recitation of Ayat-e-Karima and Durood-e-Sharif and various types of Muslim rosaries made by China has increased among the people who use them, especially Muslims.

Muslim prayer beads are generally in demand throughout the year, but during the month of Ramadan, those who are more engaged in worship or have to recite various verses during the month of Ramadan buy these prayer beads (Tasbih). Additionally, the trend of using tasbih as a fashion has increased in both men and women.

Reciting Holy Quran verses and other zikar are the ways to earn rewards from Allah Almighty.

By glorifying the name of Allah, we are not only entitled to the rewards but, we also become closer to Allah Almighty. The rosary in our hands keeps reminding us that we have to keep on praising Allah. As mentioned above, many modern and beautiful designs of rosaries are increasing the demand for it. Its unique and elegant designs create a sparkle in the personality. Gift Islamic online store brings you unique and elegant rosary designs that can be used to highlight your personality. For more information visit Gift Islamic online store.

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