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Bairam Khan Biography History & Facts By Sukumar Ray

A hard bound book describes the history and biography of Bairam Khan who was companion to Humayun, the second Mughal

Cry Of Wilderness By Hasan Beg (صدا بہ صحرا)

This book is a collection of articles published over a period of 45 years in English and Urdu languages. It

Historical Memories of Abdul Rahim Khan I Khanan (Nama)

This is a story in chaste Urdu of Father and Son, Bairam and Rahim. They were courtiers and commanders during

Maasir-E-Rahimi By Abdul Baqi Nahavandi

Abdul baqi nahavandi is a persian who migrated to india in seventeenth century during the days of akbar & worked

Pardes Ki Batain By Hasan Beg

This book is a travelogue of middle east and europe by mirza husain ahmad beg in 1931. He travelled from

Waqa-I-Babar By Zahir Uddin Babar

Zahir-Uddin Mohammad Babar is the First Great Mughal of India. He not only was a great Sipah Salar, but also