Prayer caps are the heart and soul of Islamic practice and Gift Islamic UK loves presenting them to users. Caps make it special for anyone, particularly if they really love the design and style.

We have the prestige to be the people and shop that has an extensive range of prayer caps. All of our articles and designs are the recipe for beautiful prayer caps collection.

This makes us special for the reverence and regard we carry for the teachings of Islam. And these teachings give us the ability to go further into the concept of serving people. That is why Gift Islamic UK believes in and carries their work and practices accordingly.

All that we present and offer is super good and high quality with the most extensive ranges and all you need from an online shop. As an online shop, we know how important it’s for you to look great, so we give you the amazingness you love.

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Our efforts start from the products we provide and the marvel they carry. These caps have the finest touch of traditional styles sometimes and most preciously curated styles.

Our pride goes supreme when we offer arabic head scarvesand amazing kufi cap collection options. The fascinating things about these headgears are that we present them with our respect and core values of Islam.

Bringing up the love for gifting is one of the core values and that makes us Gift Islamic UK. These core values of love and value for the religion make us better as muslim gifts providers.

We love the styles Islam has had since the Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and the designs brought from the companions. We have great regard for the family of Prophet (S.A.W.W.) and what they have transferred to us. Gift Islamic UK feels proud as it provides the most astonishing gifts for your loved ones.

Moreover, it’s our part of core values to give the designs that people would love to gift and receive as gifts. As for us men head scarf & islamic hats UK are the part of Islam, we follow the esteemed learnings. The same is for muslim hat collection that we have esteem for.


Our designs make a style statement with their beauty. But, we never fall short of getting you the designs you love and for the nations, you belong to. As Muslims are from all over the world, they have their traditions that we regard.

We provide a variety that gives you the cap you love to wear. These caps have a range of all sorts of backgrounds and we provide them for your special distinct identity.

This fact makes us the most amazing islamic shop online that has the knack for diversity. Above that, we all stand united with the love Islam fills a Muslim’s heart with and we believe that is harmony. We believe in harmony without forgetting the differences that we should enjoy.

Gift Islamic UK has arab men’s head scarves that look nothing you would resist buying. We believe that diversity in the core gives harmony in collectiveness. Gift Islamic UK, this belief gives us the power to reach out to all nations within the Muslim world. And this reaching out is something that we consider our core value and duty. And it strengthens our belief of regard for beautiful people from all colours and creeds with topi hat collection. Our caps are perfect as cap for prayer needs.


For men, Islam must be as important as for women. This makes them Muslims and this is why they follow and practice the religion. That’s our motive behind the collection we sell.

We have prayer beads tasbeeh designs and colours that suit men. Colours are the expression of the passion you have and show your aesthetics and we deal in them. Gift Islamic UK is the only place you will find with namaz hat collection that matches your passion.

The same is the case with mens arabic scarves that you would buy for the very love of them. These products intrigue you into buying them and the comfort you find in them for sedation they bring in.

All of these products from Gift Islamic UK are of the best standards and quality. Most importantly, it includes the kufi prayer cap variety or taqiyah cap variety and the whole collection. The entire collection of kufi hat UK is a curated range with the most trending Muslim and Islamic designs. A perfect headgear is the one that has the most alluring and useful designs and we believe in this statement.

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Embroidered Praying Caps for Muslims

These beautiful Muslim praying caps are available in different cool threadwork embroidery. Additionally, it’s a cool gift for your Muslim

Muslim Praying Caps with Embroidery

This beautiful prayer cap comes in a variety of cool colors featuring threadwork embroidery. Good Muslim gift for Eid, Ramadan,

Red and White Shemagh with Modern Black Igal Head



  • Item Type: Shemagh and igal
  • Package Included: headscarf + Igal
  • Occasion: Homewear, Worship service, Ramadan
  • Suits for: Muslim, Islamic, Turkish, Dubai, Arabic
  • Color: Shemagh: Red and white, Igal: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size:  135x135cm/53x53cm