Islam is the religion that nurtures the fact of being virtuous, and we do the same. We believe in being virtuous at the core of the character of an organization. As there has been the importance of prayer beads in Islam, we endorse the need for it too. The importance of prayer beads is evident in the environment of the UK, and we care about that. We present the highest quality prayer beads for the use of Muslims. Therefore, we have prayer tasbeeh UK range that has no match. This is a prestige and honour for us to serve Islam and Muslims with our products. These products have the highest level of value for us and all that love using them. Our love for Islam is the only way we operate, and it’s our biggest motivation. This allows us to be as good for religious matters as we can be at providing essential religious products.

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Our philosophy is following the best beauty standards, and this makes us do things no one else would. There are things like being more perfectly Islamic by keeping products more deeply beautiful. This is the perfect way of presenting the beauty Islam has for its followers. There is bound to be beauty in every product that has Islamic touch, and we amplify the very core of it. This philosophy of our is to give what beautifies the concepts of being Islamic. In the pursuit of excellence, we are a beautiful beads tasbih shop online. Excellence in beauty is our effort that we yearn for and present tasbih prayer ranges for this purpose. There are so many reasons that take us to the next level with amazing results for quality. But, never compromising on beauty is our primary aim in the beads tasbih section, just like the other sections. This fact of following Islamic ways makes us better providers that make our products more Islamic. This beauty comes from acts that Islam tells us to do and we follow that with utmost honesty. These acts are mainly the beauty we proceed with the beauty for our products. We have a complete range of Islamic gifts UK would need.


Bringing up the right thing is our aim, but we do not believe in any sectarianism. Moreover, we love the diversity and the regional plus ethnic backgrounds. We bring up the importance of prayer beads for every Islamic use. We love this use products that gives more power to our motivation and our Islamic love. As history tells Muslims that stone tasbih have been in the use of different Islamic icons. Moreover, Islam follows the rule of counting your supplications according to some traditions. We present our prayer tasbeeh UK products for the love we carry. You can place your trust in us for the affordability and the tasbih price we have in this range. The traditions that reach us tell that The Prophet (S.A.W.W.) used to count his supplications. These traditions are the inspiration of iconic people in the Muslim world. We make sure that we do present the importance of the prayer beads. Therefore, we have a range that has all sorts of tasbeeh, from crystal tasbeeh to finger tasbeeh that are our pride. There are things at Gift Islamic UK never forget, and they are the beauties of being versatile. We apply this versatility in the products like finger tasbeeh, and that makes the best Islamic shop online in UK.


Gift Islamic UK is a great solution for buying a superb collection for those who like to buy tasbih online in the UK. Our most exceptional and tremendous quality products give the best one would love for a collection. We keep the need of the people in mind and work for the purpose of presenting the most amazing gifts. The range is curated with the most amazing products like the electronic tasbeeh and counting tasbih. Among the finest range of our perfect gifts, we have a range of prayer rug Islam prefers. Gift Islamic has the honour and prestige of presenting the things no one else would present. There are all sorts of most alluring designs that intrigue numerous people alongside the comfort you need. We have ranges for people who would like to have an amazing collection of artistic products as well. There is an extensive range of collectibles that shine like stars for your personal collection. The same products would look lovely and alluring to the person you gift them to. There are products like the new digital tasbeeh range products that can help you with their digital support. These tasbeehs are among the online tasbeeh collection. If you love collecting tasbeehs, you can form a complete range that you would love to keep. We have almost all sorts of tasbeehs, like the finger tasbeeh. We provide counting tasbeeh online too, which are available online.


Our prestige is to serve people and the religion we take pride in following. We take care of your love for Islam, and we have all sorts of products to allow you better practice. We have a special gift for people who love praying. There has a range of products that you can use as a qibla direction compass for praying on the go. A beautiful gift for people who would pray in all sorts of conditions and remember Allah for the love of Him. The most intriguing thing you would notice in our products is the love beauty and beauty of love for Islam. We are proud of our Faith and Religion, and we love presenting the beauties and traditions. We have the traditional features in our products that a Muslim can detect easily. Our love for Islam is the motivation for the Muslims and the other people as well. Therefore, Islamic traditions and the reverence we have for Muslims and their practice. This reverence for Islam is the appeal of our products for the people who buy them.

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Agate Muslim Prayer Beads (Tasbeeh)


Please note that this prayer bead is handcrafted with natural material, therefore there may be slight differences in appearance from mala to mala, and each one will be a unique piece just for you.

Aqua Blue Howlite Turquoise Beads Tasbih

  • Bead Size: 10 mm aqua blue turquoise beads
  • Design: 33 Beads
  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Style: Religious
  • Religious Type: Islam
  • Material: Stone
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Gender: Unisex

Beautiful Black Muslim Rosary

  • Bead Size: 8 mm black beads
  • Design: 99 Beads
  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Style: Religious
  • Religious Type: Islam
  • Material: Stone
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shape Pattern: Round

Black Hematite Prayer Beads

Please note that this prayer bead is hand crafted with natural material, therefore there may be slight differences in appearance from mala to mala, and each one will be a unique piece just for you.

Coloured Marble Beads and Tassel Tasbeeh

Beautifully designed marble misbaha beads tasbeeh available in a wide range of colors. A beautiful look tasbeeh of 10 mm

Crystal Colored and Transparent Bead Tasbeeh

This Crystal Prayer Beads Green and Transparent 33 beads Tasbeeh is the perfect Islamic gift idea for your friends and

Crystal Prayer Tasbeeh

This Brown Crystal prayer tasbeeh 33 beads is the perfect Islamic gift or Ramadan gift idea for your loved ones.

Dark Brown Wooden Spherical Round Muslim Rosary


This beautiful Wooden Prayer Tasbih has been handcrafted. Its smooth quality has a sophisticated and time-worn feel. Such Muslim tasbeehs are frequently found in some countries of Asia. Muslim Prayer Beads such as this symbolize both creative expression and faithful affection that is a foundation of Islam.

Deluxe Stone Misbaha Tasbeeh 33 Beads

A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items). Rare Deluxe stone misbaha tasbeeh (Prayer Count Beads) 33 Beads. It