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Role of Parents in the Islamic Training of Their Children


Children are the architects of the nation’s future. If they are properly trained, it means that the right foundation has been laid for a good and strong society. An ideal society can be developed by the best training of children because only a good plant can become a strong tree in the future.

If a child is properly trained and corrected in childhood, he will continue to follow them even after he grows up. Conversely, if they are not properly trained, they will not be expected to do much good after puberty. Also, after puberty, the parents will be responsible for the bad behavior of the child who did not guide him properly from the beginning. Also, good and religious training of children is a cause of good names for parents in this world and success in the hereafter. However disobedient and untrained children will be adversity for parents in this world and a disgrace in the hereafter.

Encouraging Children

The children are like soft wet clay, the way we treat it, it will look the same. If a child does a good deed, we should not hesitate to praise and encourage him. And on top of that, he should be given a compliment and some gift, etc. that will make the child happy. GiftIslamic Online Store has brought you unique Islamic gifts for such purpose. These gifts include kids prayer mats, rosaries, and the Mushaf Quran. By giving these kinds of Islamic gifts, you can also do the best training by highlighting your child’s Islamic identity. Giving Islamic gifts will instill your child’s passion for good deeds.

Don’t Discriminate Between Boys and Girls

Children are a great blessing and gift from Allah Almighty. Whether it is a boy or a girl, according to Islamic teachings, there is no difference between masculine and feminine in the matter of mercy and compassion for children. Parents who discriminate against girls over boys are suffering from the old evil of ignorance. Such thinking and action have nothing to do with Islam.

On the contrary, from the religious point of view, strict promises have been made on it. The one who considers a girl inferior is in fact unhappy with the decision of Allah Almighty to give her a girl. Such a person should understand that even the whole world cannot change this infallible decision of Allah Almighty. This is, in fact, an outdated and ugly thought of the age of ignorance. To end this outdated thought, the Holy Prophet Peace and Blessings of Allah Be upon Him repeatedly advised parents and trainers to treat girls well and take care of their needs.

Equality and Justice between Children

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: be equal to your children, be equal to your children, be equal to your children. Abu Daood 2:144

This means that all children should be equal in terms of distribution. Because their heart will break if there is no equality. If there is a natural love for a child, then there is no grasp on it. The hadeeth emphasizes equality three times, which indicates its importance. Ignoring it can lead them to feel inferior and rebellious thinking. After which terrible results come to light. May Allah help all Muslim parents to fulfill their responsibilities towards their children in the best possible way! Ameen

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