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Serve Humanity – Make A Real Difference


Love for human beings and helping people in need is viewed with admiration in every religion. But Islam has declared the service of humanity to be the best morality and the greatest form of worship. Allah Almighty has not endowed humanity with the same qualities and attributes but has differentiated between them. And this difference is the beauty of its infinite colors. If Allah Almighty had willed, He would have made each one beautiful, wealthy, and healthy. His creative dignity. And for the test for which man has been created, perhaps the purpose of this test would also be lost. It is a test for him who has been given a lot by the Allah Almighty and a test for him.

Allah loves the rich who are blessed to help their weak and poor brothers with their wealth. So that the bonds of love and affection may be established between human beings, and that the givers may have the bliss of Allah.

It is mentioned in Muslim Sharif;

“The creature is the family of Allah and the person who is more beloved to Allah is the one who is more useful to his family”.

Allah loves his servants so much that he makes them his family, though he is the holy caste, he does not need any family at all.

The greatness of Serving Humanness

There are many ways to serve mankind. Helping widows and orphans, empathizing with travelers and the poor, helping the sick, the prisoners and the afflicted are all services to the people. In the broadest sense of the word, the greatest sympathy for human beings is to save them from the fires of Hell through preaching, and education. And additionally, invite them to Allah Almighty and the straight path.

Serving Humanity In Light Of Hadiths

Rasool Allah said in Sahih Al-Jami

  1. “Among the people, the most pleasing to Allah are those who are most beneficial to human beings.”
  2. “Among the deeds which are most pleasing in the sight of Allah are those who bring happiness to the Muslims, or relieve them from distress, repay their loans or fill their empty stomachs.”
  3. “In my opinion, trying to meet the needs of a Muslim brother is more desirable than sitting in a mosque (Itekaf) for a month. And whoever puts out his anger, Allah has covered it, and whoever gets angry, Allah Almighty will fill his heart so much that he will be satisfied on the Day of Resurrection.”

Serving Mankind from the Life of Holy Prophet

One day in the Majlis, Prophet Peace and Blessings of Allah Be up On Him asked questions to his Companions. He asked: Who attended the funeral today? Sayyidna Abu Bakr said: I have. Rasool Allah asked: Who fed the hungry today? Abu Bakr said: I have. Rasool Allah Asked again: Who fasted today for the sake of Allah? Abu Bakr said: I have. Rasool Allah asked again: Who visited the sick today? Syedna Abu Bakr said, “I have.” Then the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: The man in whom these four things come together is in Paradise.

A hadith mentions hungriness, thirst, and illness in a very strange way. Imam Muslim narrates from Hazrat Abu Hurayrah;

“The Holy Prophet said that Allah will say on the Day of Resurrection; O son of Adam! You didn’t visit me when I was too sick. The servant will say: My God you are the Lord of the worlds. How could I visit you? Allah will say: My servant was ill and you did not visit him. If you inquired about his health, you would find me with him.”

The greatness of the work of the people has been realized so that too may be attracted to the work of people. How much Allah loves orphans and widows, the poor and the needy, and see how Allah fulfills their needs.

The Role of Gift Islamic Store in Serving Humanity

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