Gift Islamic UK presents beauty as the fundamental core belief and value. Our beautiful and captivating products are the open secret of our success. And this secret speaks loud words about our love for the beauty that outshines all others. We are a next-level, top-notch, distinguished islamic shop uk with terrific prospects. There are so many high-quality products with amazing beauty of Islamic gifts by us. Our shop, Gift Islamic UK is the one-stop shop for astonishing gifts for all walks of Islamic life. The most amazing products we present are the open secret of being an established shop. These products speak tons about how impressive Islam is for all in UK in general and Muslims in particular. All of these products are adorned with the beauty of Islam and the blessings it brings into Muslim families’ lives.

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The first product that steals the hearts of Muslims is the allah necklace range. This range has the blessings no other online Islamic shop could give. The range has several types of necklaces that are adorned with a love of beauty. All of these necklaces make us the top Islamic gift shop online with the ultimate sophistication and prestige for Islam. We love the blessings this range offers, and we celebrate the love of the word “Allah,” a word all Muslims love. The perfect finishes of all of these necklaces give them a look of the heavens alongside the honour of following Islam. The price of these artistic products may be temporary, but the blessings are permanent. It shall remain with you, as long as you have them.


Perfection is an adjective that fits our products most fantastic way. The finishes of the islamic necklace surpass the ultimate designs. A great gift to present with and to receive. We are one Islamic gift store with a prestigious and high standard Islamic necklaces range. There are options with many various verses in the most delicate and the most amazing calligraphy styles. All of these products are perfected with the beauty molded into products and unmatched standards to outshine all. We are one islamic online store that takes pains and presents with distinct and distinguished designs. A quality that differs us from all in the market.


For us, the most important thing in the selection of gifts is the blessing it provides to you. We go to every extent to get the blessing and shape it into the form of a gift for loved ones and friends. This is what our muslim gift shop has to offer to the Muslims with the blessings none other than Islam can offer. No other type of gift has blessings that our Islamic shop in UK offers with the miracles Allah offers. Capitalising on these blessings is a thing that no one should fall behind in this ultimate struggle for improvement. All Muslims must believe that this struggle can offer Muslims that no other power on earth can. A perfect gift of Allah for Muslims shaped into the forms of gifts for the devotees of Allah.


When looking to buy Islamic gifts for loved ones, we offer the quality unparalleled in looks as well. We have islamic wall frames that have uniqueness that inspires creativity. A complete package for the ones who love using the most enlightening beauty in artistic gifts. We take pride in providing the uniqueness our products have as gifts for art-loving people. The beauty of the products we present is hidden in the uniqueness that we articulate for the aesthetical sense. We maximize the beauty of your dreams with ideas that are unique in the field. We have the prestige of presenting the new ideas with an astounding touch of proper love for the products. These gifts make us the gifted people with a love of amazingness of ideas and designs. All of our Islamic frames are of the utmost beautified quality with heart-alluring and majestic designs. And these thoughts and intentions that come from them are the basis of all our presentation of products. We believe that all of our products must have uniqueness like no other.


Our ranges are the unique features among islamic shops in london with the respect we have for Islam. This is how we value and respect Islam with all our hearts and the love of the beauty of this relation. These amazingly virtuous ways of our presentation put our products and efforts apart. Islam is the religion of peace for us with the complete code of life. Therefore, these products come with more and more love for the religion of Islam. We value the relationship of spouse in Islam; it’s evident from our range for Islamic gifts for him and her. A thought apart, and a mission apart, from us with the most virtuous intentions that matter so much in Islam.

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18k Gold Plated Allah Necklace Unisex Jewelry

18K gold plated Allah necklace unisex jewelry. 316L stainless steel material, not allergic. Suitable for any party. Also a special

4 Qul Islamic Wall Hanging Arabic Calligraphy Art

This framed Islamic calligraphy has to offer freeing from evil eyes and dark magic that has the 4 Quls of

4 Qul Necklace Jewellery

  • Suitable For Any Occasion
  • Also A Special Gift For Your Friends

4-Qul Golden Necklace

  • Material: 316l stainless steel, highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing.
  • Artificial manual polishing, detail decides the quality.

4-Qul Stainless Steel Necklace

  • Material: 316l stainless steel, highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing.
  • Artificial manual polishing, detail decides the quality.

99 Names oF Allah Wall Hanging Arabic Calligraphy Art

The attributes of Allah are countless, and so are His Names. His 99 Names should be memorized and used for

Abdullah Arabic Name Silver Box Chain Pendant

With the beauty of Prophets’ father’s name, this product will add zeal and zest to your life with blessings. It

Agate Muslim Prayer Beads (Tasbeeh)


Please note that this prayer bead is handcrafted with natural material, therefore there may be slight differences in appearance from mala to mala, and each one will be a unique piece just for you.

Amna Arabic Name Gold Ring Chain Pendant

One of the most beautiful names in Islam, Amna is one of our new personalized name necklaces. One of the

Aqua Blue Howlite Turquoise Beads Tasbih

  • Bead Size: 10 mm aqua blue turquoise beads
  • Design: 33 Beads
  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Style: Religious
  • Religious Type: Islam
  • Material: Stone
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Gender: Unisex

Automatic Digital Azan Clock

This Islamic Azan Muslim Prayer Alarm Clock is an automatic digital clock. It features Azan sounds for all prayers (With

Ayat Ul Kursi Wall Hanging Calligraphy Art

This product is beautiful Islamic calligraphy with the longest verse of the Quran, the Ayatul Kursi, written in an excellent

Ayatul Kursi Frame With Allah Name

Gift Islamic presents best Ayatul Kursi frame with Allah name. Ayatul Kursi also well-known as The Throne Verse of the

Ayatul Kursi Pendant In Silver

Ayatul Kursi Pendant Specifications: Color: Silver Metals Type: Stainless Steel Style: Trendy Chain Type: Link Chain Item Type: Necklace Material: Stainless

Ayesha Arabic Name Gold Ring Chain Pendant

Ayesha is a name many Muslim girls and women have. It is a beautiful name of one of the Prophet’s

Bairam Khan Biography History & Facts By Sukumar Ray

A hard bound book describes the history and biography of Bairam Khan who was companion to Humayun, the second Mughal

Beautiful Black Muslim Rosary

  • Bead Size: 8 mm black beads
  • Design: 99 Beads
  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Style: Religious
  • Religious Type: Islam
  • Material: Stone
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Shape Pattern: Round

Black Hematite Prayer Beads

Please note that this prayer bead is hand crafted with natural material, therefore there may be slight differences in appearance from mala to mala, and each one will be a unique piece just for you.

Coloured Marble Beads and Tassel Tasbeeh

Beautifully designed marble misbaha beads tasbeeh available in a wide range of colors. A beautiful look tasbeeh of 10 mm

Cry Of Wilderness By Hasan Beg (صدا بہ صحرا)

This book is a collection of articles published over a period of 45 years in English and Urdu languages. It

Crystal Colored and Transparent Bead Tasbeeh

This Crystal Prayer Beads Green and Transparent 33 beads Tasbeeh is the perfect Islamic gift idea for your friends and

Crystal Prayer Tasbeeh

This Brown Crystal prayer tasbeeh 33 beads is the perfect Islamic gift or Ramadan gift idea for your loved ones.

Cyan Blue Prayer Mat

Type: Prayer Rug Color: Cyan Blue Quantity: 1 pc Material: Polyester Size: 70*110cm/27.51*43.23in Net weight: 180g/6.35oz

Dark Brown Wooden Spherical Round Muslim Rosary


This beautiful Wooden Prayer Tasbih has been handcrafted. Its smooth quality has a sophisticated and time-worn feel. Such Muslim tasbeehs are frequently found in some countries of Asia. Muslim Prayer Beads such as this symbolize both creative expression and faithful affection that is a foundation of Islam.

Deluxe Stone Misbaha Tasbeeh 33 Beads

A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item (including handmade items). Rare Deluxe stone misbaha tasbeeh (Prayer Count Beads) 33 Beads. It

Digital Led Clock Quran Bluetooth Speaker

We all, as Muslims, believe in the fact that there is no book as beautiful as Quran in the world.

Digital Tasbih with LCD Display

This digital tasbeeh counter with an LCD display is ideal for counting wazaif and Quranic verses without having to worry

Double-Sided Arabian Gold Plated Coin

Lovely islamic coin with beauty and has Bismillah on one side and image of Prophet’s mosque on the other side. An amazing

Double-Sided Gold Plated Islamic Coin

An amazing coin from arabic coins collection made with perfect finish with the astounding mirror-like finish with a decent size. This coin is

Elegant Crepe Lining Scarf

Elegance is a sort of beauty everyone woman loves. This Elegant Crape Lining Scarf gives you the best elegance that

Embroidered Praying Caps for Muslims

These beautiful Muslim praying caps are available in different cool threadwork embroidery. Additionally, it’s a cool gift for your Muslim

Face Hematite Stone Muslim Tasbih

This High-Quality Face Hematite Stone Muslim prayer beads made by using an 8 mm faceted cut hematite Stone bead. This

G50 Luminous Pocket Watch Compass

This G50 Luminous Pocket Watch Compass is really helpful during traveling and voyage. The dial scale of this G50 Luminous

Gold Diamante Ayatul Kursi Pendant

Modern Islamic Ayatul Kursi Gold color Pendant with Diamante Round shape for protection from evil and harm with a 60

Green Mushaf Quran Uthmani Style

This is a beautiful pocket-size Arabic script only the Holy Quran, in Uthmani style. This Holy Quran script is mostly

Green Muslim Prayer Matt



  • Type: Prayer mat for Muslims
  • Color: Green Blue
  • Quantity: 1 pc
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Not available
  • Net weight: Not available
  • Packages: 1* prayer mat


Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the pictures. Thank You!