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The Beauty of Islamic Calligraphic Frames

islamic Arabic Calligraphy Art

The grace of a home depends on its residents. The pleasing environment created by the residents makes the aroma and surrounding atmosphere of the house more satisfying. As we all know that many things can add appealing effects and beauty to the surrounding. But the real beauty and attraction of the house lie in the zikar and prayer of Almighty Allah. To express your love and special gratitude towards the blessing of Allah Almighty, the best and the only way to thanks all the blessings of Almighty Allah is to have zikar and to offer prayer. So that we can have a strong bond of connection with the blessing of Almighty Allah. Also, there are some other things that we can add to the surrounding like in our house or the places which are very close to our heart.

Decorate your Surroundings With Arabic Calligraphy Art

This need for adding beauty to your surrounding can be fulfilled by having beautiful Islamic frames which are also known as Arabic Calligraphy Art. These beautiful Islamic frames have some other type of attraction that can never be neglected. Any place that is near to your heart must have a beautiful piece of Arabic calligraphy so you must have a special kind of interest in the beauty of blessings awarded by Almighty Allah. Such beautiful types of Islamic frames in the UK are very common. Almost every single place has a beautiful masterpiece of Arabic calligraphy which has a very soft gesture to your heart. There is no doubt that the beautiful art of Arabic calligraphy will help you get a refresh at that moment. Similarly, there is no doubt that these small things don’t have a huge impact, but they result in your emotions. In which you greet someone or you communicate with anyone it affects your body language.

Types of Islamic Frames or Arabic Calligraphy Art

If we start to focus or to represent the beautiful means in how can we have a beautiful piece of Arabic calligraphy? There are many and some of them are listed below that can be showcased and named as Islamic frames.

  1. Names of Almighty Allah
  2. Verses of the Holy Quran
  3. Ahadees
  4. Tasbeeh
  5. Translation of Quranic verses

Islamic Frames

With great respect, we most often have Islamic frames with the names of Almighty Allah. There is no doubt that these frames have a very positive impact on our daily routine life. In almost all Muslim homes, you will see many frames hanging on the walls with the Quranic words, Quranic verses, and the names of Allah Almighty are engraved on them. People hang these frames on the walls for beauty and blessing in the house. Verses of the Holy Quran with the great expression of love for the Holy Quran can be seen almost everywhere. Wherever we used to see the verses, it shows the moment of respect. As we recite those blessed verses which make our heart full of delighted emotions. There are also some frames with Ahadees on it. Such frames with huge font size and their recitation or translation always let us fall in the love of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

Tasbeeh as Wall Hanging Object

Tasbeehs or prayer beads are also used as wall hanging objects in Muslim homes. Beautiful designs and colors of tasbeehs can mesmerize the viewer and also create a spiritual ambiance. There are many beautiful tasbeehs available at Gift Islamic online store. You can also get your desired tasbeeh and hang it on your home wall to enhance its beauty. Many of them are beautiful represented with the best combination of colors.

Prayer Mat as Wall Hanging Object

Just like tasbeehs, prayer mats are also used to decorate home walls. Their intricate pattern and designs can also enhance the beauty and can also mesmerize the viewer.

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