Prayer Mats

The Necessity Of Islamic Prayer Mats for Salah

prayer mats(praying mat)

If a Muslim prays anywhere other than the mosque. There is no guarantee that the place where he is praying is najis or not. It is difficult to say for sure that any place outside the mosque should be clean. Even a minimal part of this filth makes one’s entire prayers najis and this is very offensive to Allah Almighty. Therefore, the prayer mats (praying mats) serve as protection against such impurities.

A prayer is a special act of worship. This is the foundation of Islam and the best means of communication between the servant and Allah Almighty. One of the special outcomes of prayer is that if it is recited with full submission to Allah Almighty, then the heart of the servant becomes pure, and the love of goodness and truth and the fear of Allah Almighty begin to arise in the heart and so individual turns away from evils.

The place of the prayers must be clean. This refers to the places of standing, prostration, the place of both feet, both hands, both knees, and forehead. However, the cleanliness of the whole part of the ground or the floor on which one prays is not a condition for the prayer. In such a situation, it is best to use the praying mat.

In the early days of Islam, prayers were offered on the mud floor. Additionally, in the beginning, a place is set aside for prayers and the place is kept clean and tidy regularly.

However, due to lack of space and many other reasons, prayers are offered on the prayer mat. This removes all doubts about the cleanliness of the place.

Importance and Uses Of  Prayer Mats in Muslims

Prayers can be offered on any clean cloth, but at present, due to the abundance of luxuries, the prayer rugs have become an important part of every home. Muslim prayer mats based on beautiful colors and designs are very popular.

The personalized prayer mats are available in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, wool, and halal animal skins. The various designs have also been making on prayer rugs to enhance the beauty of the Islamic prayer mat.

These designs are usually making at the place of prostration and standing. The design of the mosque at the place of prostration is made so that the worshiper understands where the place of prostration is and which side of the place of prayer rug is right. Likewise, bouquets or similar designs are made at the place of standing.

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