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The Tradition of Offering a Ramadan Gift to your Loved Ones

The Tradition of Offering a Ramadan Gift to your Loved Ones

“When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.” (Bukhari)

The blessing month of Ramadan Kareem is around the corner. The holy month of Ramadan Kareem is full of blessings, in which we especially show devotion to Almighty Allah. The holy month of Ramadan Kareem is a month in which we especially change our routine of life. We often postpone some of our very important tasks and meetings on the arrival of Ramadan Kareem. As the utmost desire of every Muslim is to devote his time to worship Almighty Allah and ask for forgiveness of his bad deeds. In the Holy month of Ramadan Kareem, we often cut the workloads by closing down the businesses on time or before also.

In the holy month of Ramadan Kareem, there are some of the very best deeds and actions performed by our Muslim fellows that include the exchange of gifts, delicious feast of sehri, and iftar. With the shower of blessings from Almighty Allah in Ramadan Kareem, we also gather a huge feast of dinners for people of every class. The whole month of Ramadan Kareem is full of energy. That comes to an end with the moment of celebration for everyone, known as Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid-ul-Fitr at the end of Ramadan is a time to celebrate the moment of joy after the successful completion of Ramadan Kareem. Eid is the moment to celebrate with happiness, along with the people in your surroundings. On the festive occasion of eid, we often exchange gifts and sweets as a gesture of celebration.

In chapter 2, verse 185, of the Holy Quran, the Almighty Lord states:

“You shall complete the number [of days] and you may glorify God for his guiding you, and that you may be thankful.”

Exchange of Ramadan Gifts

The Tradition of Exchanging Ramadan Gifts:

To exchange gifts especially in the holy month of Ramadan Kareem is an important part of the tradition and custom of many families. The very best part of exchanging gifts in the month of Ramadan Kareem is to increase the medium of interaction and forget all the previous grudges. Ramadan gifts from everyone in your circle create a positive vibe for everyone out there. We can offer Ramadan gifts of various types it could be eatable things, religious belongings and many other similar to this can offer as a gift to any of your Muslim friends.


It is the part of our custom that we used to break our fast with the dates.

Salman ibn Amir Dhabi related that the Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

“Break your fast with dates, or else with water, for it is pure.”

(Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi)

We can offer our Muslim fellow’s dates as the gift of Ramadan Kareem. There won’t be any better gift than offering them dates. Offering dates to your friends and family is the best deed, as when they break their fast they will remember the pleasing moments of your friendship. Along with dates, we could also offer our fellows a complete gift box in which things like dates can be given as a gift. A complete gift box in which dry fruits, fresh fruits, cookies and many others can be offered to everyone out there in your circle. The gift box must have a variation in which they may create happiness for people of every age group for adults and kids both.

Clothing Materials As a Ramadan Gifts

The most important gift that is offered as a gift to everyone by our Muslim fellows is clothing materials. Clothing materials are the best option to offer to your Muslim friends, especially offering clothing material to less fortunate people. Stitched and ready-to-wear clothing dresses can be the best gift for them as they will also wear neat and clean clothes and will be thankful to Almighty Allah and also offer you warm wishes on providing them with a gift of clean clothes.

Prayer Mats

With the variety of range in products available online at GiftIslamic, the best among all of them is the best collection of quality prayer mats. All of the prayer mats available at our online store are of a very high standard and the best fabric. Prayer mats collection for kids and adults is the best gift to offer them at the start of Ramadan. Prayer mats must be offered to your fellows at the start of the Holy month of Ramadan Kareem so that they can use them in their prayers.

Prayer Beads

There is a huge variety of prayer beads that can be offered as a gift to any of your fellows. Prayer beads are the best source to recite Ramadan dua at any time. People from various other parts of the world have different choices to have prayer beads. This is because using prayer beads is part of their tradition and culture. That is the main reason that people have a spiritual connection for the use of that similar type of prayer beads.

Prayer beads from central Asia are of top quality because people from central Asia have contributed a lot towards the quality of Prayer beads. Prayer beads made from the finest quality of marble and stone are the most recommended option for people around the world. There are several of the other terms and conditions that are kept in knowledge while finalizing an elegant design of prayer beads. The important reason for offering prayer beads as a Ramadan gift is because they look elegant made with a piece of stone. Prayer beads made up of marble and stone are of shining glitter that attracts the people a lot.

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